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Traveling Postcards Workshop

Traveling Postcards Workshop

We could not be more thrilled to announce our next road trip with Shelter to Shelter 2015!

The Women’s Wisdom Initiative’s program Shelter to Shelter is an opportunity to raise awareness about  vulnerable populations that are adversely affected by intimate partner violence or gender-based oppression and at the same time celebrate resiliency and strength!

After a wildly successful 8000 mile road trip in 2013 visiting women’s safe houses and shelters we are ready to hit the road again; albeit a little bit shorter trip this time!

The focus for our 2015 Shelter-to-Shelter trip is the international refugee community of Northern California and the Northwestern United States.  After Texas, California receives the second highest influx of refugees to any US state; refugees in California come primarily from Iraq, Iran, Burma, and Somalia.

During times of war, sexual violence is waged on women’s bodies and spirits as a means of terror and control. Many women arrive in the US with scars of trauma and humiliation. Once relocated, women refugees experience a higher rate of gender inequality due to the extreme instability displacement causes, and they are often reluctant to speak of their abuse for fear of deportation, discrimination and disrespect.

Our goal is to work in unison with the International Rescue Committee and other local refugee service organizations to provide our therapeutic art workshop, Traveling Postcards, to refugees as a means of support and healing and telling a new story of resilience and strength!

There is remarkable power in a woman coming to understand that her abuse is not normal and that, in spite of the violence, she is a survivor and deserves equality and justice.

Thank you so much and away we go!

Caroline Lovell

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