A Women's Wisdom Initiative

Do you want to travel with us?

Postcards are easy to make!

Click on the How to Guide and List of Topics that contain ideas, materials and instructions.

Look at the Postcard Galleries to see examples of cards that have already been made.

Make a Traveling Postcard before July 30th, 2015 and we will bring your card as a gift of solidarity to the women we meet! After July 30th, we will continue to collect cards for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

 Make one beautiful card that carries your unique wisdom. We need over 100 cards to fulfill our goals! Be sure to add a small note explaining why you feel it is important to add your voice to this cause! Then sign up for the newsletter and follow along with us to see where your voice travels!

If you, your organization or a group of friends have wanted to make a postcard but don’t know how to begin, Traveling Postcards has made it easy!

Caroline Lovell will lead a Traveling Postcard workshop in your home! See details.

For organizations and shelters that would like to get involved, please click here.

A Traveling Postcards Kit has been developed, and contains everything you will need to share your voice with the world.  Sometimes all we need is a little help. Traveling Postcards Kit

Please carefully package your card(s) and Send To:

Women’s Wisdom Initiative
2039 Shattuck Ave Suite #200
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

**IMPORTANT** Please, do not directly mail your Traveling Postcard — it must be mailed in an envelope or box.

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