A Women's Wisdom Initiative


The Women’s Wisdom Initiative’s mission is to empower women through the healing arts and to bring awareness to humanitarian inequities facing women worldwide.

Shelter to Shelter! 

The Women’s Wisdom Initiative’s program Shelter to Shelter is an opportunity to raise awareness about  vulnerable populations that are adversely affected by intimate partner violence or gender-based oppression and at the same time celebrate resiliency and strength!

As we travel across the United States, bringing our healing arts workshop Traveling Postcards to communities of women who care about creating gender equality for all, we will draw attention to the persistent issue of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and the status of women worldwide.

Shelters are necessary to protect women and children who are trying to escape violence and their location must be hidden to the public, but the voices of resiliency and love that exist inside the shelters and in the communities that serve women do not!

We will bring you the stories, the wisdom and the love of women who often must remain invisible.




There are many issues that affect the well being of women and their communities; health care, violence, lack of economic resources, trafficking to name just a few. Our initiatives are annual focused campaigns that draw awareness and resources to humanitarian situations that affect a large number of women.

Why women, why now? The Women’s Wisdom Initiative started as a grass roots arts project called Traveling Postcards in 2009.  Born from a desire to record and share personal stories of women’s wisdom and resilience from my local community and carry them as gifts in my suitcase across the globe when traveling to Africa or elsewhere, I created a project that connected women to one another bridging geographical and cultural differences.

As the project grew, over 2000 handmade postcards have been created with love and solidarity and delivered to communities of women and girls in nine countries.

The Women’s Wisdom Initiative is building upon our early success with  Traveling Postcards and continues to develop creative models for gathering collective wisdom that will be archived, cataloged and shared in a  21st century model, connecting our voices quickly and virtually through an interactive multi- media platform. This platform will be called The Women’s Wisdom Library, and will be  resource for women all over the world.

Many organizations exist that focus on the empowerment of women, but we combine a hands- on intimate approach to community interaction with the latest technical tools to archive and disseminate education, information and our hearts wisdom quickly and effectively to a global community of women.

 Travel with us!