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Raising Money – Raising Hopes

Raising Hopes

Raising Hopes

Crowd fundraising…a brand new experience for me, but one that has taken on a significant meaning. We are now just two weeks into a 40 day Indiegogo campaign and have raised half of our $25,000 goal.  I am learning that money enables opportunity; opportunity for me to do the work I love and opportunity for full self expression for every person this campaign touches.

Giving money allows all of us to speak and to be expressed. Having the choice to spend money on something that has personal meaning and value is incredibly empowering. It is important for me to remember that this is not my campaign, but a collective effort that affects one out of three women worldwide. Shelter to Shelter is one small action but every action or contribution feels like a beautiful, blessed drop of water onto a parched land.

Receiving this money enables every woman we meet to experience her strong, confident voice and to participate in the healing that creativity brings. This to me is opportunity- one that would not exist without the freedom that money affords us to ‘shout from the rooftops’  this has value!

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