A Women's Wisdom Initiative

The Road Awaits

The road awaits.  Before we embark, we have much to look forward to, much to plan for, much to imagine.  On top of sorting out the logistics of the trip, Caroline stays busy corresponding with participants all over the world.  The support Shelter to Shelter gained from a local, national, and global community is astounding and so very affirming.  We will set out steeped in gratitude and strengthened by all who have already participated.  This collective action is at the core of the project’s limitless potential.
Amid everything I’m excited for–the opportunity to witness amazing art-making; to meet inspiring people who devoted their lives to stopping domestic violence; to explore this country; to engage in my own creative process and learn how best to document this trip; to share time and creativity with survivors–I remain aware of everything I cannot prepare for.  The nature of the trip is adventurous, and we will adapt to each day as it presents itself.  Accordingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to keep my heart open, anticipating all that will be poured into and out of it in the coming weeks.  I picture us as a pair of nomadic healers, our stethoscopes our most treasured tools.  We will listen for the wisdom within each different beat.
Juliette Nolan
Traveling Postcard by Debra Torger

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