The Roadtrip

Caroline & Juliette

Caroline & Juliette

We look forward to beginning our 2015 journey in San Francisco! Check back soon for an updated list of locations we will visit and possibly a new video!

We will also be giving each woman who participates in our workshop an opportunity to choose a Traveling Postcard to keep. We are currently collecting Traveling Postcards to take with us to give away as a gift of solidarity and support. If you would like to send one or facilitate your own Traveling Postcard party please click here for directions!

Please visit our amazing Traveling Postcards website to read more stories and see all the beautiful cards that have been made!

For more stories from 2013 please enjoy the earlier posts and photos on this website and the You Tube clip from early June 2013. Be sure to check Facebook for the latest stories and pictures!  Video   Facebook